Author = Arab ameri, Elaheh
*The effect of a gross and fine motor intervention program on Visual-motor integration in 4 to 6 years old children

Volume 13, Issue 2, August 2021, Pages 129-147


attieh miranzadeh mahabadi; elahe arabameri; Fazlolah Bagherzadeh; davood homaniyan

Effect of attentional focus instructions on spatial memory in children

Volume 12, Issue 1, July 2020, Pages 15-30


Fatemeh Mirakhori; Elahe Arabameri; Fazlolah Bagherzadeh; Rasool Hemayattalab

The Effect of Social-Comparative Feedback on Acquisition and Consolidation of a Perceptual-Motor Skill

Volume 11, Issue 4, March 2020, Pages 379-395


Ali Azhari; Rasoul Hemayat Talab; Mahmoud Skeikh; Elahe Arab Ameri

A Compression of Quiet Eye in Children with High and Low Motor Proficiency

Volume 11, Issue 3, December 2019, Pages 281-293


Hamed Fahimi; elahe arabameri; Rasool Hemayat ‌Talab

Validity and Reliability of Persian Version of StudentAttitude Scale Toward Physical Education (SATPES))

Volume 10, Issue 4, February 2019, Pages 467-483


Meysam Biyabani; Rasool Hemayat talab; Fazlollah Bagher zadeh; Elaheh Arab ameri

Effect of perceptual-motor training on motor skills of girls with trainable Mental Retardation

Volume 7, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 473-490


hasan baghande; Davoud Homaniyan; Elahe Arab Ameri

The Effect of External Focus of Attention Instruction during Walking Training on Old Women’s Gait Kinematic Parameters

Volume 3, Issue 2, October 2012, Pages 137-153

Maliheh Naeimikia; elahe Arab Ameri; hassan Ashayeri; rasool Hammayat Talab; kamran azma

The Relationship between Sport Orientation and Sport Anxiety in Athletes Participating in 10th Student Sport Olympiad

Volume 4, Issue 1, September 2012, Pages 37-55


akbar jamshidi; elahe Arab Ameri; narjes Alizadeh; afshin Salmaniyan

The Effect of Physical Exercise and Addiction on Male Offspring's Physical Growth Indexes

Volume 2, Issue 2, July 2010

M Taheri; Mahmoud Sheikh; Naser Naghdi; E Arab; N Namvar

The Methodology of Research on Changes in Degrees of Freedom in a Balance Task

Volume 1, Issue 2, October 2009, Pages 103-126

Saeed Arsham; F farahman; F Bagheradeh; E Arab ameri; A Kazemnejad

The Effect of Rhythmic Exercises on Relaxation Depth in National Judo Team of Iran

Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2009, Pages 43-59

Mohammad Khorand; F Bagherzadeh; H Ashayeri; M.K Vaez Mousavi; E Arab aameri

The Comparison of the Effect of Audience and Music on Learning and Performance of Discrete Skill (Basketball Free Throw)

Volume 1, Issue 3, January 2009, Pages 65-82

Farnaz Torabi; M Sheikh; E Arabameri; R Hemattalab; F Bagherzade