The main of this research was to investigate the effect of a psychological training program on mental health of elite basketball players. This research was semi–experimental with pretest posttest and a control group. The population consisted of all basketball players from Iran basketball super league (N=150). They were divided into two teams: experimental and control group. Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory – 2 restructured form (MMPI – 2RF) was used to collect data which consisted of validity scales profile as well as 4 profiles including clinical, somatic/cognitive and internalizing scale, externalizing scale, interpersonal and interest scale and psyche scale. This inventory consisted of 338 questions and showed high validity and reliability coefficients (P<0.86). The inventory was administered to the subjects before and after the intervention. Covariance analysis was used to analyze the data. The results revealed that the intervention reduced these subscales: emotional/externalizing dysfunction, thought dysfunction, demoralization, somatic complaints, low positive emotions, ideas of persecution, malaise, cognitive complaints, helplessness / hopelessness, stress / mental pressure, anxiety, drug abuse, family problems, interpersonal passivity, social avoidance, disaffiliation, aesthetic - literary interests, psychoticism, negative emotions and neuroticism in the experimental group.