Sports motor development and learning journal tries to develop and promote its specialized field with research articles and provide excellent research literature and resources for researchers in this field. The journal welcomes articles that provide insights into various aspects of motor behavior and sports psychology and also encourages studies that use targeted intervention programs for motor development and improvement. The main goal of the publication is to provide a basis for a wide range of quasi-experimental, clinical, review, and theoretical studies that investigate the behavioral and cognitive factors affecting people with abilities and disabilities related to movement and sports. Of course, the other goals of the journal are to share scientific research results, have open access to new information, and expand human knowledge.

Favorite topics of the journal:

  • Behavioral sciences and related branches

              Motor Learning

              Motor Control

              Motor Growth and Development


  • Sports sciences and related branches

              Exercise and rehabilitation

  • Cognitive sciences and related branches
  • Sports psychology and related branches

             Applied psychology