All submitted articles are checked by the similarity detection system (Hamiyab Sinaweb) to ensure their authenticity.This journal only accepts articles to be sent for review that are the result of original research by an individual or group of authors and condemns any kind of plagiarism.Officials of the journal check for any unethical publication and research misconduct. To protect the credibility and efforts of other researchers, without any condonation and tolerance regarding the amount of unethical publication and research misconduct, the following legal action is taken:


1.The article will be rejected and if printed, it will be removed from the websites.

2.The names of all the authors of the article will be placed on the blacklist of Tehran University publications.

3.Legal action will be taken by the competent legal authorities.

4.The plagiarism file will be shared with other universities and related local and foreign publications through an official letter.

5.The status will be notified through an official letter to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC), universities, institutions, publications, and any place where the authors have used the privilege of publishing this article.