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1 Ph.D Student University of Tehran

2 Ph.D University of Tehran


It is important for people to improve cognitive and motor performance. The purpouse of this study was to investigate the effect of running on treadmill in spatial memory and learning and motor performance. 24 Albino-Wistar healthy male rats were randomly divided into control and activity groups. Activity group ran 7 days on treadmill (speed 22m/min 30 minutes a day). After the end of activity period, Morris Water Maze and open-field tests were done to respectively assess spatial learning and motor performance. It was used latency time, and distance moved to find platform to assess spatial learning, and distance moved, mobility duration, and movement speed to assess motor activity. It was used SEM±M and analyze variance (2groups*3days) and independent-t tests to analyze data.Results indicated that In spatial learning, activity group was significantly better in acquisition (distance moved F2,44=6/578  p=0/003 and latency time F2,44=10/550, p=0/000 ), probe (time spend in target quarter t22=2/534 , p=0/019), and retrieval tests (distance moved t22=2/651, p-0/015) than control group. In motor activity there was no significant difference between two groups.The results of this study show that the forced running of rats on treadmill for a week can improve learning and memory.