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It is possible that society and media attention to national athletes increase their narcissism. Based on this possibility, this study which was descriptive and field aimed at comparing narcissism between elite and non-elite athlete students and non-athlete students. The population consisted of students of physical education and sport sciences faculties of Tehran universities. 105 athlete students at national and regional levels from team sports (football, volleyball and basketball) (n=35) and individual sports (wrestling, Judo and track and field) (n=35) and non-athlete students (n=35) were selected by availability method as the sample of the study. Data were gathered by Narcissistic Personality Inventory (Raskin and Terry) and Eysenck personality questionnaire (EPQ) and analyzed by ANOVA and Newman-Keuls post hoc test. The results showed no significant difference between national athlete students and regional athlete students and non-athlete students in narcissism, nervousism and psychosism (P≤0.05). But national athletes gained higher scores in extroversion compared with regional athlete students and non-athlete students (P≤0.05).


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