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1 university of tehran

2 university of Tehran

3 university of shahid beheshti


The aim of this study was to design a program to educate emotion management and to evaluate its effectiveness on controlling anger and mental health in soccer players. The method of this study was quasi-experimental, pretest-posttest with control group. The population consisted of all players of soccer teams in adult premier league in 2014. 40 players of soccer teams in premier league were selected by convenience sampling method and 12 subjects were randomly selected for the experimental group and 12 subjects for the control group. To assess mental health and anger control, the SCL-90 Questionnaire and the Anger Control Skill Questionnaire and the Particular Emotional Anger Management Training Package by Abrams (2010) were used. ANCOVA results showed that emotional management training significantly increased attacking behavior control in soccer players. Also, emotional management training significantly reduced mental disorders in soccer players. Emotional management training package could increase the capacity of processing and emotional management in soccer players given the various dimensions of emotions (physiological, behavioral and cognitive) and the style of management (recognition of physiological manifestation, behavior control and change of cognitive deviations).


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