The aim of this study was to predict expert archers’ performance on the basis of
psychological factors such as arousal, activation, anxiety, motivation and
personality characteristics with an emphasis on extraversion / introversion
dimension. In this predictive correlation study, 34 expert archers were randomly
selected as the sample of the study out of the archers of national team (statistical
population). Skin conductance level was measured to assess arousal. To determine
trait anxiety, Sport Competition Anxiety Test (SCAT) and for state anxiety,
Competitive State Anxiety Inventory (CSAI-2) were used. Sport Motivation Scale
(SMS) was used to determine motivation. Extraversion / introversion level was
measured by eysenck personality questionnaire. Pearson correlation coefficient
was used to determine the level of correlation and linear multivariate regression
was used to predict subjects’ performance. The results indicated a significant
positive relationship between subjects’ performance and arousal, activation,
motivation (intrinsic, extrinsic) and extraversion / introversion whereas there was
no significant relationship between their performance and anxiety (trait, cognitive,
somatic) and consequently they could not predict performance. Also, the results
revealed that arousal and activation (P<0.05, F(2,31)=79.418, R2=0.837), intrinsic
motivation (P<0.05, F(1,30)=1031.826 , R2=0.972) and extraversion/introversion
(P<0.05, F(1,33)= 330.199, R2=0.909) were significant predictors of archers’
performance. Furthermore, extrinsic motivation could not predict performance. It
is recommended that coaches pay attention to these factors when they intend to
educate, select and involve archers in matches.