Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 دانشگاه تهران


Measuring different types of aggression (such as physical, verbal) and its functions (such as Reactive/Proactive) in individuals with developmental disabilities, especially adolescents and adults, has received little attention. In this study, we investigated the validity and reliability of the Persian version of the Children’s Scale of Hostility and Aggression: )Reactive/Proactive) in individuals with and without autism spectrum disorder in different age groups. For this purpose, C-SHARP questionnaire, child behavior checklist (CBCL) and reactive/Proactive aggression questionnaire were filled out by different age groups with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. Different types of validity were determined with test-retest and Cronbach's alpha for its external and internal reliability. Correlation between C-SHARP, CBCL and reactive/Proactive aggression questionnaire was also used to assess the validity of the C-SHARP scale. The correlation coefficient between C-SHARP subscales and CBCL Externalizing was higher than internalized CBCL. Individuals classified with the reactive/Proactive aggression questionnaire as both Reactive and Proactive have higher C-SHARP Proactive Scores than individuals classified as Reactive only or Reactive or Non- Proactive. For C-SHARP reaction scores, a similar pattern was observed for proactive scores. The results of this study provided evidence for the validity of C-SHARP by confirming the content validity and its relationship with valid scales, which shows that C-SHARP is useful for measuring different types of aggressive behavior in different age groups with developmental disabilities